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Pressure  Upgrade height  Load capacity  Flow  MAX CUTTING DEPTH  Battery  MAX.HEAD  Input power  Max height  Rated output Voltage  Max.Flow Rate  Current  DRILLING CAPACITY  GEAR  STAND TYPE  Rated Input Power  Applicable Electric Tool  Effective length  GRS ACCESSORIES  BATTERY CAPACITY  Impacts Per Minute (IPM)  Max. Capacity  Max. Head  Max. Suction Head  Rated Capacity  Max. Head (m)  OUTPUT POWER  Max.Power Output  MAX FLOW  Cooling System  Cutting Width  MATERIAL  CUTTING LENTH  LUMENS  LED POWER DISSIPATION  CHUCK CAPACITY  SANDING PAD DIAMETER  CHARGE TIME  OUTPUT  Max. Pressure  FAN DIMENSION  SPINDLE THREAD  AVERAGE AIR VOLUME  DC Output  Rated & Max.AC Output  DUST CAPACITY  WORKING TIME  VACCUM PRESSURE  MAX BOLT DIAMETER  Starting System :  DC Output :  Rated & Max.AC Output :  SOCKET SET  TOOLS SET  Inlet:  Max. Discharge Head:  Outlet:  BRAND  DIY SET  POWER SUPPLY  Outlet  Max.Suction Head:  Max.Capacity:  BASE  CUTTING LENGTH  Dia. of Welding Electrode  Output Current  Rated Input Power Cap.  Input Power Voltage  Teeth per Inch:  Thickness (T):  Diameter (D):  HOSE LENGTH  LENGTH  REVOLUTION (R.P.M)  Maximum Output (hp)  Displacement (cc)  Rated AC Output (kW)  Generator Model  TROWEL SPEED  MAX .MIXED CAPACITY  UNMIXED CAPACITY  Max. Power (kW)  Rated Power (kW)  BLADE SIZE  Suction Head  Fuel Tank Capacity  JUMPING STROKE  PLATE SIZE  IMPACT FORCE (KGF)  FORK LENGTH  Rated Frequency (Hz)  Rated Voltage (V)  Piston Dia  ENGINE MODEL:  Bore x Stroke (mm)  Continuous Output (hp)  Max.Output (hp)  Welding Current (A):  Power Output (KVA):  GENERATOR  ENGINE  SUCTION GATE DIA.  STROKE  PISTON DIA.  SHANK SIZE  BLOW PER MIN  AIR CONSUMPTION  AIR INLET  BORE SIZE  WHEEL SIZE  BENDING RATE  Working Capacity (Double Side Brushes)  Working Capacity (Single Side Brush)  Drive  AC Output Voltage  Max.Output  MAX.LIFTING HEIGHT  Alternator Type :  Engine Model /Type :  DUTY CYCLE  Max output  Rated Voltage  Rated output  PLUNGER SIZE  POWER REQUIREMENT  MAX.DELIVERY (WITH DIP)  MAX.WORKING PRESSURE  HORSE POWER  SUCTION VOLUME  STANDARD ACCESSORIES  Starting System  Engine Power  Engine Model  Max Bar Diameter  TRAVELLING SPEED  VIBRATION FREQUENCY (V.P.M)  DRUM SIZE  Compaction Depth (cm)  Centrifugal Force (kn)  Vibration Frequency (vpm)  Max. Cutting Depth (mm)  Engine Speed (rpm)  Cutting Frequency (time/min)  Motor Power  MAX PRESSURE  INLET & OUTLET  Maximum Height  Closed Height  Working Load Limit  SPEED  MODEL:  TANK CAPACITY  WORKING PRESSURE  MAX FLOW RATE  MAX HEAD  DISCHARGE  High efficient two stage compression design offers powerful and stable compressed air  CUTTING CAPACITY  EASY TO USE  NO LOAD SPEED  WEIGHT  Disc Diameter  Control System :  Features :  Control System  Features  Max Torque  Max Drilling In  Rated Power  Flow Rate  MAX DRILLING CAPACITY  CAPACITY  ANVIL SIZE & TYPE  Impact Rate  Max Torque & Nut Busting Torque  Voltage  Power  FUEL  Warranty  Displacement  ENGINE TYPE  Size  Model