Airman Rotary Twin Screw PDS185S-6C2

Airman Rotary Twin Screw PDS185S-6C2

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Technical Data

Type Rotary Twin Screw, Single-Stage, Oil-cooled
Free air delivery (m3/min) 5.2
Rated operating pressure (MPa)[kgf/cm2][psi] 0.69[7.0][100]
Compressor oil capacity (L) 15
Air outlet valve 3/4''×2


Type Direct-Injection
Rated output (kW/min-1)[PS/rpm] 34.9/3000[47.5/3000]
Engine oil capacity (L) 7.4
Fuel tank capacity (L) 90
Battery 80D26R×1


Dimension & Weight
L×W×H (mm) 2960×1650×1510
Dry (Operating) weight (kg) 860(960)
Tire Size 175/80R13 97/95N×2W
Sound power level in decibels (dB) 98
Sound pressure level (dB[A]) 71
Designated emissions regulation US Tier 3

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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