EuroX VAC3220/VAC5220/VAC5228

EuroX VAC3220/VAC5220/VAC5228

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Category: EuroX

Brand: EuroX

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Technical Data
Voltage 200-240/50Hz 220-240/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Power 1200W 1800W 1500W
Speed 190r/min 175r/min 2834r/min
Operating Capacitor 30µF/450V 30µF/500V
Starting Capacitor 250µF/300V 150µF/300V
Noise ≤62dB ≤75dB
Length of Power Cord 12m
Diameter of Chassis 118x49x38cm 122x54x46cm 122x55x50cm
Net Weight 30kg 50kg 70kg

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