EuroX EPY4900

EuroX EPY4900

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Category: Gasoline Engine

Brand: EuroX

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Technical Data
Engine Type Air Cooled 4 Strake OHV Petrol Engine 25° Inclined Cylinder, Horizontal Shaft
BorexStroke 90x69mm
Displacement 439cm3
Compression Ration 8:1:1
Max. Power Output 11Kw (15hp)/3600rpm
Ignitiopm System Transistorised
Starting Ssytem Recoil (Electric Start Optional)
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.5L
Specific Fuel Cons. 313g/kW.hr-230g/HP.hr
Engine Oil Capacity 1.1L
Dimensions (LxWxH) 405x450x443mmr
Dry Weight 35kg

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