EuroX JI1000/JI2300/JI3500/JI3500E

EuroX JI1000/JI2300/JI3500/JI3500E

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Category: Inverter Generator

Brand: EuroX

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Technical Data
  JI1000 JI2300 JI3500 JI3500E
Rated Power 900W 1900W 3100W
Max. Power 1000W 2300W 3500W
Displacement 50cc 98cc 171cc
AC Load 240V
Frequency 50Hz
Type 4-Stoke OHV
Start Type Recoil Recoil/Electic
Fuel Capacity 2.6L 4.8L 6L
Phase Single
Noise Level 53dBA 58dBA
DC Output 12V
Weight 16.5kg 25kg 40kg 43kg
Dimmension (cm) 51.5x30x42.5 58x34.5x46.5 60.5x47x50


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