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  • The newly designed throttle lever interlocks with the fuel cock and engine stop switch, enabling operation idling and stopping by one lever operation.
  • Original hour meter and Tachometer (engine rpm) as standard
  • A completely redesigned large, twin cyclone air cleaner has 3 times the dust holding capacity (DHC) of previous designs and significantly will increase engine life.

Technical Data

Model Dimensions (mm)
H x W x L
Weight (kg) Plate Size (mm) Jumping Stroke (mm) Impact Force (kN) Impact Number/Minute Fuel Tank Capaciity () Power Source
MTX-70 1027x350x788 75 W1: 285
L1: 340
50-80 14.9 644-695 2.5 Subaru ER12 gasoline
Max. output 2.6kW(3.5PS)
4 stroke petrol (gasoline)
MT-76D 1010x410x740 82 W1: 285
L1: 340
50-80 15.7 656-698 3.3

Yanmar L48N
Max.Output 3.5kW(4.7PS)
air-cooled diesel engine


About Brand

MIKASA is world leading manufacturer producing light-sized Compaction Equipment for the construction industry and other applications. Based in Tokyo, Japan, the company has assumed a dominant position over the past 40 years in its export business which is helping Mikasa products to take prominent position in USA, Europe, Asia and other countries. In Malaysia, Conweld is the Official Agent and we have the agreement to market & distribute for Mikasa’s products lines.


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