Fuji Concrete Cutter

Fuji Concrete Cutter

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Category: Cutter Machine

Brand: Fuji

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  • Ability to cut concrete and asphalt easily.
  • Operation efficiency is enhanced by powerful air cooled Diesel Engine / Gasoline Engine.
  • Packaged with high quality diamond cutting blade.
  • Comfortable handle grip. Easy crank for raising or lowering cutting depth.
  • Large water tank provides good water flow to the blade.

Technical Data

Model FCC150 FCC200
Cutting Blade Size (mm) 350 – 450 450 – 600
Max. Cutting Depth (mm) 150 200
Water Tank Capacity (litres) 35 40
Depth Adjustment Handle Rotation
Drive Mechanism Manual Push
Dimension (L x W x H) mm 1000 x 620 x 990 1030 x 620 x 1100
Net Weight (kg) 129 136


Type of Engine

Gasoline Engine SC460 (16.0hp) / GX390 (13.0hp) / LT460 (16.0hp)
Diesel Engine LA186 (10.0hp) / L100 (10.0hp) / LA290 (20.0hp)

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